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Oct 22, 2012 2:30pm PDT
year, we hosted the event in san francisco, which is why we are here at the oakland convention center this year. so thank you for being our gracious host this year. we are delighted that mayor lee traveled across the bay to be here in oakland. doesn't this convention center look fantastic? it has been a great renovation throughout. really terrific asset for this city. i hope your year is off to a good start. i personally feel rather optimistic as we talk to the many businesses we interact with every day and every week. this morning, we're going to start our program with two speakers who will share information about the economy, the outlook for real estate and investing, and then we will hear from our mayors. it is a great time to be talking about the economy because it at least appears to be getting a little bit better, maybe in fits and starts. we are hearing some good news on the job front -- not nearly enough yet. i will just ask -- who does think that the economy in 2012 will actually be better than 2011? good. that is about maybe half. who thinks that we are lucky to be in the ge
Oct 18, 2012 7:00am PDT
in bringing tourism and we know tourism is really a big job producer in san francisco. number four, we also have lots of funding, government funding, that is supporting capital projects, and for instance 2006 we did not have local hiring for our bond measure. 2011 half a billion dollars worth of work. i want local hiring so that we pay for it. our people that live here should benefit from it. >> all right. thank you. all right. now we're going to come to the candidate's closing statements but i want to remind you if you haven't registered to vote you still have time. please urge everyone to register the deadline is october 22nd and if you moved you need to register again. we're going to do the closing statements in reverse alphabetical order and to the candidates please remember you have -- you got that one right, one minute each. mr. yee we will begin with you. >> i am norman yee and running for supervisor and lived in the district for 27 year scption my two daughters grew up and i am running because i want to grow our economy, make our streets safer and keep our families here, and h
Oct 19, 2012 11:30am PDT
general myat? let me thank our panel here. >> thank you. (applause). >> san francisco recreation and parks department offers classes for the whole family. rec and parks has a class for everyone. discover what is available now and get ready to get out and play. henri matisse. frida kahlo. andy warhol. discover the next great artist. get out and play and get inspired with toddler classes. experience art where making a mess is part of the process. classes and the size the artistic process rather than the product. children have the freedom to explore materials at their own pace and in their own way. talks love art, especially when they died into the creative process -- dive into the creative process. at the end of the classes, they have cleaned and washup. great way to get out and play. for more information, visit that out and play and get into the groove. rec and parks offers dance classes for seniors. first-time beginners or lifetime enthusiasts -- all are welcome. enjoy all types of music. latins also, country and western. it is a great way to exercise while
Oct 16, 2012 5:30pm PDT
the entire venue released at once. i set the standard in san francisco nightlife operations and in lieu of this we chose to recognize the opportunity and have that standard in mind. >> thank you. is there any other public comment? seeing none i am going to that we continue the minutes from last meeting. do i have a motion? >> so moved. >> second. >> commissioner. >> aye. >> commissioner. >> aye. >> commissioner. >> aye. >> commissioner. >> aye. >> commissioner. >> aye. >> it's okay. you can abstain on this. >> supposed to continue it. she can't vote on the minutes. either way. >> it's not a big deal. >> are you an aye vote? for the record? >> yes. >> item three report from the executive director. >> commissioners i will be as brief as possible. i am trying to make up for not having done this report for quite some time. i was going to introduce commissioner akers which the president has done and briefly sitting in that seat that was vacated by the last commissioner so her term will come to a close at the end of the term he would have closed out and i think june 30 so we have may ha
Oct 22, 2012 10:30pm PDT
partner of sloan in san francisco. i am here this evening to address a situation of concern regarding incidents that occurred on september 13, 2012. on that date we have civil obedience outside of the area and not typical of the nightly operation of sloan but i felt it appropriate to contact officer chin and the adjustments regarding these issues going forward. i have been in constant communication with inspector van cole and of the entertainment commission. the following is a list of our responses to those incidents that night. one we have grown our nightly security staff from five to be between 19 and 16 and we discontinued a happy hour event ta. we hope to reinstate it with different parameters and something i would discuss with those gentlemen. we have lowered the minimums and the reservations and the bottle manager must have accept ratio of male to female guests per table and we have hard liquor and bottles of chaip pain as well. i have hired three additional employees to be bottle service assistants and responsible for consumption oversight of our consumers. we have a dre
Sep 30, 2012 6:00pm PDT
rosa, 94 in san rafael. san francisco 84 degrees and morgan hill reached a high of 93. we will definitely have warmer temperatures tomorrow. in fact, right now livermore is still at 99. we have 73 right now in san francisco. a look ahead coming up. >> thank you very much, leigh. >> well, you won't hear that question paper or plastic anymore. beginning tomorrow at every grocery store in san francisco a new law goes on the book at midnight. it outlaws most retailers from packing merchandise into plastic bags. customers will pay ten cents for every paper or compostable bag they use. >> san francisco just keeps getting a little more expensive it sounds like. >> people want a paper bag, it's ten cents. hopefully it's not too big of a deal for them. >> city leaders hope the new law will force consumers to be more ecofriendly and carry reusable tote bags with them on shopping trips. san francisco's existing plastic bag ban applies only to chain grocery and drug stores. the new law will cover most mom and pop stores, too, as well as the national chains. >>> governor brown today is
Oct 22, 2012 3:00pm PDT
to be partnering with the san francisco business times, the host of this very important discussion. the issues we face as business leaders and members of the community provide us with a unique opportunity in the coming years and many real challenges. it is vitally important that we stay connected and informed so that we may continue to build a vibrant bay area economy. as one of the region's largest employers and the largest integrated delivery system in the country, our reason for being is simply to improve health. we exist to provide high- quality, affordable health care services and to improve the health of our members and the communities we serve. in fact, we are proud to provide care and coverage to many of you in this room. i know that as business leaders, you are probably all concerned about the affordability and quality of health care as you assess and seek to understand the impact of health-care reform. be assured that kaiser permanente is committed to quality and affordability and that it is at the center of our mission as an organization. in addition to staying true to our mission and
Oct 8, 2012 4:00am PDT
gate. from san francisco. to the east we could see some moisture. with some pretty spotty temperatures at best. we will be tracking that and let us take a look at futurecast. these two colors on your screen showing these portions of the south bay where records 70's. as repressed towards this evening. all of that blue is indicating where we will see the 50s. with neighborhood by neighborhood and temperatures will be a little bit cooler than this weekend. a mixture of sun and clouds. 68 degrees expected in sunnyvale. 72 degrees expected in los gatos. and the east bay areas. 72 in livermore. 70's to walnut creek with low 60s through san leandro. and alameda. 60s with downtown san francisco opera 50s if your going to go to ocean beach. with your kron 47 day around the bay. we do have a slight potential for wet weather. that is a 20 percent chance. as the go towards thursday, friday still cooler conditions. but it could be the peace once again as we transition into the weekend. more on your forecast coming up but let me take you over to the traffic. not money small maturing any traffic. the
Oct 15, 2012 6:00am PDT
lights at bay bridge patchy fog on the span headed into san francisco a bit of a delay for cash paying folks headed into the city many patchy fog bay bridge thick fog carquinez, same story with the richmond san rafael bridge most of the bridges with the exception of san mateo bridge experiencing fog. if you are headed out now drive times over the altamont pass highway 4 westbound and east shore commute into the bay bridge. >>> this morning, contra costa county deputies trying to figure out what led to a deadly double shooting that left a man and woman dead it happened in -- between pittsburg and antioch deputies arrived to find the man already dead and woman suffering from gunshot wounds paramedics rushed her to the hospital where she died. no word on their relationship or possible motive for the shootings. amy hollyfield is live at the sheriff's department and she will be live at 6:30. >>> 49er fan recovering from serious injuries after getting stabbed near candlestick park yesterday before the game investigators say two men approached a 27-year-old elk man headed to the game that lea
Oct 25, 2012 9:00pm PDT
to be the type of partner that the city and county ought to be with vis-a-vis the san francisco unified school district. so i'm very interested in this conversation as well. i want to make a moment and thank all of you for being part of this conversation, particularly the young folks who are here. because your voices, a-g for a lot of folks, people can intellectualize it, but it is helpful to hear how it impacts the lives of students and your future. so thank you for being here. x thank you very much. and again, i think it's important for us to continue this conversation. i don't know that we have to do it within the context of this item and i think there are different ways of structuring the discussion. so i would ask that we file this item, if we could have a motion by commissioner fewer. seconded by commissioner mendoza. if we can do that without objection. i will certainly bring this issue back and i think it makes sense for us to do so after -- sometime after the november election when we have a better sense of where things are. but i think that even if the measures pass, i think ther
Sep 30, 2012 11:00pm PDT
francisco. their fishing boat capsized a mile off shore. monty francis is near highway 1 in san mateo county with the latest for us. >> reporter: good evening. we spoke to the family of one of the missing boaters and they are hoping and praying he will turn up alive. it has been 12 hours since the boat capsized and the search is underway still tonight. family members shouted the names of the missing clinging to hope their loved ones would return safe. among them the wife of one of the men from san francisco. he shared her anguish. >> i want my husband to come back. we are waiting for you. >> tang who has a 7-year-old daughter left this morning from san francisco with three friends for a fishing trip. hours later, one mile off shore from the pichblgen point light house a large wave hit their 23-foot boat and it capsized. two of the men had life vests and swam to shore not far from where their boat ended up on the rocks. the other two, including tang, did not have life jackets and are still lost at sea. tang's sister says the four friends are all experienced boaters. >> he knows how to swim. >
Sep 30, 2012 8:00pm PDT
and '90s. even triple digits of went up to 84 degrees today in san francisco. oakland, made east. 97 for santa rosa. >> the dodge charger swerved off of the road and crashed on the fence. we know of at least one shooting victim. all have been taken to oscar for treatment but we do not know the extent of the injuries the, police department is in charge of the investigation. as for who fired at a red dodge trucks are, the police forces as they do not know. >> right now we have the charger with multiple blowholes and injured occupants. we do not know much more than that at this time. we do not know if it was an exchange of gunfire only directed at the charter. >> obviously, if you were in the area and saw what happened, bell monopolies need you to call them immediately. right now, the freeway is open, all four lanes. at one. southbound 101 was closed but only for about a half hour. you want to avoid this area if possible. the 101 no. was slow for quite some time as well. as of right now, forensics was on scene. the belmont police department is on scene check in for some of these thin
Oct 12, 2012 5:00am PDT
light getting into san francisco. no major problems here. also if you are driving to 880 and the freeways here it looks pretty good. 5:00 let's go back to the desk. >>> we begin with developing news in the south bay san jose police are on the scene of a homicide. it was reported at 1:45 this morning. police found a man with at least one gunshot wound. matt keller is on the scene and has learned two people have been detained. he will have a live report coming up. >>> we're also following develops news out of san jose where two people have been hurt in massive fire. not there. crews have the fire surrounded but it's still not under control. it broke out just before 4:00 this morning. there is the map. fire crews say when they arrived at the home, it was fully engulfed in flames. two people were hurt. but the extent of their injuries and how they were hurt is unknown at this time. we'll continue to follow this story and bring you the latest developments. >>> overnight news an investigation is under way into an apartment fire in san francisco's mission district. tara moriarty
Sep 30, 2012 5:30pm PDT
degrees from livermore, san francisco, it is at 73. average high this time of the year, 70. yesterday at this hour, it was 62 degrees. santa rosa, sporting 49 degrees. all of it comes at a price. we have yet another spare the air day for our monday, especially away from the bay in the eastern portion ever the bay area and into the santa clara valley where we have the trap close to the surface. the hottest day of this miniheat wave still to come. we will pinpoint that coming up. >> thank you. >>> a new poll shows that californians are reluctant to abolish the death penalty. proposition 34 would replace capitol punishment with life in prison without parole. the u.s., los angeles times poll 38% of voters favor getting rid of it while 51% want to keep it. however, that gap narrows when voters find out that prop 34 requires convicted killers to work in prison and give their earnings to victim's families. we talked to supporters and opponents of the measure. >> right now, death row inmates sit in private cells, watching tv, talking to their lawyers, prop thor putting an end to that and puts
Oct 21, 2012 8:30am PDT
of their homes last night in san francisco. crews evacuated a whole block around 7:30 on powell street between green and vallejo in north beach. the police responded to a call and apparent suicide. emergency responders smelled chemicals when they got there. 15 people inside the build handwriting to be evacuated and firefighters were in that building for over three hours trying to disburse the mystery chemical to make it safe for people to return and they were able to do so in the mild of the night. >>> police are -- in the middle of the night. >>> police are investigating a murder last night. the officers responded to a welfare check on mission and fifth street after 11:00 and found a man in his 30s in the car. he was shot and died at the scene. so far, police have not announce good arrests in that case. >>> the san mateo bridge, watch out. it's closed for seismic retrofitting and repairing this weekend. we have a live shot of the bridge where the work began friday night and that is going around the clock. in recent years, it's become standard operating procedures to close the area bridges on
Oct 12, 2012 7:00am PDT
>> reporter: we're live in san francisco where firefighters continue to battle a stubborn restaurant fire in the west portal area that has grown over the past half-hour. we'll tell you how it could affect your morning commute. >>> and three people detained this morning after a suspected home invasion. who called police and what they are doing on the scene this morning. >> reporter: a san jose home is destroyed by fire this morning. why firefighters say it was too dangerous for even them to go inside and fight it. >> jack kennedy and -- >> oh, now you're jack kennedy. >> "mornings on 2" starts right now. >>> good morning, everyone. i'm mike mibach. >> i'm tori campbell. >>> we're following breaking news. the firefighters are on the scene of two major fires in the bay area. nun san francisco. one in san jose. we do have crews at both of those -- one in san francisco and one in san jose. we do have crews at both of those scenes. we do want to start with a restaurant fire. let's go to tara moriarty who joins us live with a look at the firefight still underway. tara? >> reporte
Oct 1, 2012 6:00am PDT
continues this morning for two missing boaters. on sunday night four friends left san francisco in their fishing boat and headed out to half moon bay. that's when a big wave ran into their boat sending all four overboard. the two men with life jackets managed to swim to shore. the other two without life jackets are still missing this morning. >>> the man accused of killing seven people at an oakland university is set to appear in court today. he's facing murder and attempted murder charges in the shooting spreechlt he's expected to be in court for a pretrial hearing later today. goh was a nursing student at the school when he allegedly opened fire on his classmates and a teacher, killing a total of seven people. >>> a former bay area psychiatrist of accused of molesting seven young patients will be back in court today for a competency hearing. last year prosecutors said william ayers likely had dementia and could not be tried. napa state hospital doctors, they claim he is simply faking the illness to avoid prison time. police say he molested seven children between the ages of 8
Oct 24, 2012 7:00am PDT
children #1. >>> the san francisco giants take on the detroit tigers in game one of the world series. what the players are saying about what it took to get here. >>> well, some light rain moving through this morning. so is this it or is there a little more on the way? >> reporter: we're live in mountain view, where people who use a popular trail are being warned. we'll show you the sketch of a man who police say attacked somebody here. >>> plus -- a second body found in the wreckage of a plane that crashed in contra costa county. what witnesses heard moments before the crash. "mornings on 2" starts now. >>> well well, good morning to you. welcome to mornings on 2. i'm dave clark. >> it's tori campbell. it's wednesday, october 24th. >>> it's time for the world series in the bay area. we're just ten hours away from the first pitch of game one. tara moriarty is live outside of at&t park to describe this morning's final preparations for baseball's fall classic. good morning, tara. >> reporter: good morning. we have good news. the rain has let up. but the wind has picked up. i'm sure this eveni
Oct 19, 2012 7:00am PDT
is off. it's friday october 19th. new this morning someone shot at police in san francisco. it all started with what appeared to be a routine traffic stop. we are live with the chain of events that led to the shooting. >> reporter: a man opened fire on san francisco police officers this morning after officers tried to pull over the car he was in. after the shooting that car sped away. no officers hit by the way and the car sped away, made its way to this intersection, blew through this red light and slammed into a taxi cab. this was a white cadillac that police were after. it was going close to 50 miles an hour. the cab driver who was hit had minor injuries. after the crash the two inside that car then bailed out of the car and ran away. police moved in, they were able to arrest the passenger but this morning the driver is still on the loose. everything started around 2:00 when officers tried to make that traffic stop for a light that was out on the license plate of the car. seemingly minor infraction but didn't turn out to be a simple traffic stop. a sergeant we talked to said he
Sep 30, 2012 11:00pm PDT
97, san rafael 94. san francisco 94 and san jose, your high today was 90. we are going to be even warmer tomorrow. a look at my accu-weather seven-day forecast coming up. >> thank you, leigh. >>> you have less than an hour to buy grocery in san francisco and take it home in a bag that cost you nothing. a new law goes into affect at midnight that requires almost every store in san francisco to place merchandise in a paper or compostable bag. the law requires retailers to charge you 10 cents if you use one of their bags. >> san francisco just keeps getting more expensive. >> if people want a paper bag, 10 cents. hopefully it is not too big of a deal for us. >> city leaders hope it will encourage consumers to be more eco-friendly. the new law covers stores from mom and pop stores to national chains. but the grow sheers can -- grocers can place them in plastic bags. clothing stores and dry-cleaners can wrap the garments free of charge. restaurants, bakeries and stakeout establishments are exempt until next year. >>> governor jerry brown approved or vetoed 58 bills. he approved a bill
Oct 9, 2012 3:30am PDT
? >> i think it depends on which county you're in. i think san francisco is the only county in the state that currently has a prop 36 court that is still actively working because the state has defunded all the prop 36 courts in efforts across the state. so i think this provides senator leno's bill really does the right thing and tries to move in a direction that's not contingent to how much money is available within one jurisdiction or not and actually frees up $64 million of general fund at the state level that could be reinvested into services. i know when you look at realignment, for example, here in san francisco, a 1/3 of our plan, a third of our dollars for realignment has been invested in substance abuse treatment, mental health treatment and housing but we've made that choice. i think if you compare us, though, to many other jurisdictions, we have a collaborative court continuum that is unmatched in other parts of the state. so i think to say they wood, it's not happening. and if you look at other jurisdictions throughout the state, you'll find heavy incarceration rates and not u
Oct 1, 2012 2:00am PDT
francisco 94 and san jose, your high today was 90. we are going to be even warmer tomorrow. a look at my accu-weather seven-day forecast coming up. >> thank you, leigh. >>> you have less than an hour to buy grocery in san francisco and take it home in a bag that cost you nothing. a new law goes into affect at midnight that requires almost every store in san francisco to place merchandise in a paper or compostable bag. the law requires retailers to charge you 10 cents if you use one of their bags. >> san francisco just keeps getting more expensive. >> if people want a paper bag, 10 cents. hopefully it is not too big of a deal for us. >> city leaders hope it will encourage consumers to be more eco-friendly. the new law covers stores from mom and pop stores to national chains. but the grow sheers can -- grocers can place them in plastic bags. clothing stores and dry-cleaners can wrap the garments free of charge. restaurants, bakeries and stakeout establishments are exempt until next year. >>> governor jerry brown approved or vetoed 58 bills. he approved a bill by the state senator that will
Oct 4, 2012 5:00am PDT
to be scheduled. san francisco, they still may be playing for that world series trophy, but one of their players has taken home a big-time honor. how about buster posey? he's won the national league batting title finishing very strong with a .336 batting average. >> congrats to him. >>> so let me get this straight. we'll have major league baseball players, navy pilots and america's cup sailors in town this weekend. >> sounds like a bash to me. >> sounds like a place i need to be. >>> coming up, the shocking new study out of uc berkeley that's raising big concerns for moms-to-be. ♪ ♪ we were skipping stones ♪ and letting go ♪ over the river and down the road ♪ [ female announcer ] at nature valley, we know nature comes together in amazing ways. that's why we bring together natural ingredients, like dark chocolate with toasted oats, or sweet golden honey. perfect combinations of nature's delicious ingredients, from nature valley. ♪ ♪ i was thinking that i hope this never ends ♪ [ female announcer ] nature valley granola bars, nature at its most delicious. >>> a new uc berkeley stud
Oct 25, 2012 5:00am PDT
the law, but with that said, i think what probation has realized, and not just san francisco probation, i think we're a very progressive leader, is the fact that there are underlying problems that are causing the drug usage. there is trauma out there. people talk about rehabilitating but in reality, for the majority of our clients, you know, they haven't been rehabilitated in the first place. the circumstances in which they grew up, the lack of parenting, the lack of role modeling, we talk about being disadvantaged which i completely agree with. all we have to do is take a look at the demographics of our adult population, 60% are african-americans. and, you know, that begins to tell the story. and so while our job is responsible for certainly holding the clients in compliance with their term and condition which no drug usage would be one of them, we also recognize that we have to deal with the underlying problem, just not lock people up. because that's not going to deal with the problem and not going to change the behavior. i think that's what we've learned to focus on is what can we do,
Oct 2, 2012 5:00am PDT
mild out the door. san francisco is 68 degrees right now. that's hard to believe. 63 degrees in livermore. 62 in san jose. as we head toward the afternoon, again, it is going to be hot in spots about 97 degrees in morgan hill. 93 san jose, east bay temperatures again pushing triple digits in some areas, maybe a couple of degrees cooler but not by much. 100 degrees in antioch. livermore 100. 89 in oakland, 92 degrees hayward, more on your weather coming up plus a major cooldown heading our way. more on that in a few minutes. >>> new this morning, police in oakland are looking into a pair of deadly shootings overnight. both happened last night on macarthur boulevard. it first happened on the 9000 block just before 9:00. a man was shot several times there. he died at the scene. the other was about an hour and a half later on the 2000 block same street macarthur boulevard. that mac also died at the scene. so far there are no suspects in either of those shootings. >>> later this morning, the superintendent of a school district in albany will address the death of a teacher. james i
Oct 3, 2012 7:00am PDT
climb into the low mid-60's at best. these are the conditions for the san francisco waterfront you'll probably need a sweater because conditions this weekend will be nothing compared to what we started with the work week. the seven they are on the bay forecast shows in addition to cooler weather we have the potential for some showers. maybe sprinkles, spotty at best. 10 to 20 percent chance and it looks like it will be a little greater as we start the next workweek. the rain will stick north of the golden gate bridge. on to traffic now good morning george >> no hot spots that is the good news. the bay bridge to the toll plaza traffic is not blocked up and to the macarthur maize but to it. we're looking at 18 to 22 minutes depending on your approach. longer if you're coming from 24 to macarthur maze. the san mateo bridge no construction delays but it slows a bit at the base of the high-rise. the drive times are only 12 to 13 minutes so not a bad drive yet. they could really slow down later as it has been. the golden gate bridge writers still smooth and beautiful beautiful community
Oct 28, 2012 9:00am PDT
're a deputy public offender in san francisco and you've handled dozens of drug case, drug possession cases, you've been -- a lot of people caught their attention when you were quoted in the press saying the way we handle drug enforcement here in california is in effect a war on crumbs instead of the often used phrase on drugs. how do you respond to his remarks? >> well, i think the first thing that we have to recognize is that the majority of people who are caught up in the criminal justice system and who are prosecuted for this type of offense for possession offenses and to some degree possession for sale offenses, the vast majority are indigent people and the vast majority of those indigent people are people of color. so what you have are two systems in place. you have a system where privileged white middle class people basically use drugs, college campuses, frat parties, not clubs, they use drug with impunity, they don't have to worry about being caught. then you have a system that comes down like a ton of bricks on indigent poor people and that's one of the reasons why i think this typ
Oct 2, 2012 6:00am PDT
once again have to head out to the beaches were looking for seventies and eighties in san francisco. and it's going to be hot all-around. here the temperatures. no. 4927 day. 95 in campbell. 97 loss gatos. mid-90s by by the bay will be hot they're out to the east. lots of the lot of excitement at the coliseum last night. the oakland a's in the wild card. here is the very tight play off race as take a look. texas and oakland. and the east we have the yankees and the baltimore orioles fighting for the lead there all four of these teams are in the playoffs the detroit tigers of the fifth scene they clinched the american league central. if they do not in texas went one of these two final games in the a's will be the wild card. then they will play a one game playoff against either the iraqis of the baltimore orioles. the playoff game if the a's are the wild card would be on friday could be oin oakland york or baltimore. >> and develop a story this --i cried. >> my friend called me around 3: 30 and when i got the news i did not believe it. >> i think everyone is really depressed right now
Oct 18, 2012 4:00am PDT
live in new york city or san francisco or san diego, it's probably not a whole lot more affordable now than it was three years ago or five years ago or ten years ago." that was mike sante of its ranking of pricing by city finds detroit, atlanta, and minneapolis are the most affordable options for median income families. as sante noted, san diego, new york and san francisco are the least affordable. exxon mobil is taking on a north face. the oil giant is buying canadian company celtic exploration for $3.1 billion in cash and stock. exxon is highly interested in expanding its presence in the oil-rich shale found in western canada. the deal is still up to celtic shareholders and the canadian government. more than 6 thousand disney hoodies and t-shirts are being recalled. the clothing was sold in sets at target from october to december of 2011. the u.s. consumer product safety commission says the hoodies contain excess levels of lead, which violates federal standards. no one has been hurt. for more information on the recall, contact the children's apparel network at (800) 919
Oct 29, 2012 11:00pm PDT
to find them ourselves. fortunately the san francisco controller did a study and comparing muni to five other systems these cities included boston, seattle, new york, oakland and san jose or santa clara mta. they all had higher scores than muni. muni was on the bottom. we included bart. since they said other systems did it we decided to look at the systems in paris france. it took months to identify the right officials and in this case either the head of operations or the systems schedulinger all but one which was new york agreed to an extensive interview by two of us and per the rules we were not identified. nevertheless of the interviews as described in the report were significant. all transit systems it became clear had multiple systems that were similar and had challenges and all needed to deal with complex traffic, scheduling, and terrain problems uniquely their own, and yet as we had known the san francisco controller's survey had shown all had higher reliability and rider seaferz than muni and we determined that all systems use switchbacks they only did so in cases of equ
Oct 1, 2012 4:00am PDT
. it was 93 in downtown l.a., 97 in vegas. even san francisco was very warm around san francisco and napa, all the way back to sacramento this weekend. it will be warm again today. not really a cloud in site here. this big huge area of high pressure overhead, plenty of sunshine. some areas where the mountain terrain was just right. we should see near record highs today. l.a., 101, one of the hottest days we've seen this year on october around the century mark. in yuma, that's like mid summer heat, 108. >>> it looks like the month of august, predictions are for a pretty warm october all through the west. >> crazy. 101 in l.a.? >> they need rain. the northwest had one of the driest septembers ever. >> i'll take the sunshine any day. i know they need it. >>> a new quarter begins, pump prices fall. bonnie and clyde's guns go for anything but a steal. your early morning business headlines straight ahead. >>> plus, baby, baby, baby, an unbelievable incident at the beginning of justin bieber's believe tour. you're watching "early today." >>> a very good morning to you. welcome back to "early today."
Oct 18, 2012 4:00pm PDT
for their personal safety, we could change the outcome. >> the city of san francisco was struck by an earthquake of frightening proportions. >> one of the most catastrophic earthquakes was in 1906 when thousands of people died in san francisco. today is the anniversary of the 1989 quake which brought down freeways. earthquakes are part of life here, but the scientists keyboarding the big one -- keep warning that the big one is long overdue. >> it is all about raising awareness. that was a simulation. it was very intense. it could be up to two minutes and that would cause a lot of damage. that is what people are taught to do. but a lot and a ball and protect yourself and wait for it to finish the to bundle up in a ball and protect yourself and wait for it to finish. it reminds people of the big one will come along one day and they should be ready. >> the importance of being trained to take cover. that brings today's program to close. you confine constant updates on our website. you can reach most of the team, go to twitter. thank you for watching. >> make sense of international news at
Oct 22, 2012 6:00am EDT
and often last nine. 6-1 in san francisco.pb the cardinals early and often last nine. 6-1 in san francisco.thecardina last nine. 6-1 in san francisco.the cardinals early and often last nine. 6-1 in san francisco. the cardinals early and often last nine. 6-1 in san francisco. tonight's winner will host the tigers and that will start on wednesday. and the new york fans, well, you'd never call them fair weather, they want a-rod's head, they want swisher gone. have you seen the covers of the new york papers? >> yes, i have. >> there's a reason you're paid a lot to play in new york. >> a rough market. >> sunday night football, things are back to normal in cincinnati as far as cincinnati sports. the reds are done, bengals stink, steelers who aren't very good either, bear cats lost. although rutgers -- bengals 24-7. third straight loss. this golf news, saint isimon's island, coming from behind to win it all. he was followed by david toms and furyk. >> how do you feel about wearing two gloves? he's wearing two gloves. >> i know you go out at night wearing one glove. i think that's a little weird f
Oct 17, 2012 7:00am PDT
:21. temperatures are going to be as warm in places like san jose and san francisco later today. 92 in gilroy. 82 in san francisco. weather changes as we head through tomorrow. we get warmer. and then cool cloudy weather this weekend. >> just ahead, a high school coach steps down after being named in that sex scandal in maine. now, with more names to come out, some residents are saying enough. we'll be there live. we'll be there live. >>> plus, a rare and close-up look at the "costa concordia" still sitting off the italian coast ten months after its wreck. >>> but first, this is "today" on nbc. >>> still ahead, ethel kennedy opens up in a rare and revealing interview for a new documentary on her life. we'll talk about it with her daughters. >>> and a boy ordered to move to another school because of his genetic makeup. we'll explain after a check of your local news. looks like your bags didn't make it. we'll send them to your hotel. [ sad music playing ] this is fun. [ sad music continues ] [ knock on door ] your bags, sir. thanks. both: finally! one taste, and you'll understand. enjoy delicious d
Oct 1, 2012 4:00pm EDT
good read on the economy with maria's exclusive interview there in san francisco with the president of oracle corp, mark hurd. i'll see you tomorrow. >>> and it is 4:00 on wall street. do you know where your money is? hi, everybody, welcome back to "the closing bell." i'm maria bartiromo coming to you today from san francisco. we're following up the close this monday night. stocks losing steam in the final hours of trading today. dow industrials had a rip roaring day, thebest, up as many as 161 points. after stronger than expected manufacturing data set the tone this morning for this market. stocks gave back much of the gains after federal reserve chairman ben bernanke defended the central bank's latest bond buying stimulus program. is that a red flag that this fed-fueled rally is in trouble? top strategists are weigh in tonight. take a look at how we're finishing the day on wall street. as you can see, things settled out, dow jones industrial average held on to a double-digit move, although well off of that 161-point rally. the nasdaq went negative, although it, too, came back off
FOX Business
Oct 24, 2012 11:00am EDT
for example in san francisco we have many taxis that run off of nat gas. cheryl: and the tanks are smaller which i think is interesting. i thought that was an interesting factoid knowledge. there is a company on one of your watch list as well, company that you are recommending and i want to get one more stock out to be viewers, fuel systems solutions. why these two names? >> it plays into that long-haul trucking market. the premier supplier of heavy duty, the big 18 wheeler trucks, they're the big technology and in many cases only technology available for the long-haul trucking market. so we let the proprietary position. they will be the dominant player in the market. fuel systems solutions played sincplaysinto the light to the t more so, already a dominant player in europe and the u.s., we think at that market evolves, it is compelling. cheryl: i think what is interesting is if you look at all the carmakers, honda has actually cornered the market, the u.s. market on having natural gas vehicles. honda is a pretty big name in this space, do you think you have some wheels in this space? >> i
Oct 2, 2012 2:30pm PDT
working group set up by the president to investigate misconduct that led to the financial crisis. >> san francisco in october, 2008. ordinary americans who lost their homes in the subprime mortgage crisis protested mortgage bankers. the protesters blamed the brokers for the situation that led to many homeowners being unable to pay their mortgages. >> the bankers inside here are responsible for the crisis. they are getting rewarded while the victims of this crisis are being punished by losing the places they have to live. >> one bank that dealt in residential mortgage-backed securities was bear stearns. in 2008, the bank was collapsed and taken over by rival j.p. morgan. for years on, j.p. morgan is being held responsible for the actions done by the bank it took over. bear stearns is alleged to have committed massive fraud, causing damages of more than 17 billion euros. the evidence was assembled by a coalition of law enforcement agencies created by president barack obama in 2009. the lawsuit is part of a federal initiative to hold a major wall street players accountable for america's big
Oct 9, 2012 2:30am PDT
, president obama's campaign has been having a lot of fun with it. at a san francisco fund-raiser last night, president obama himself once again drew attention to mr. romney's plan to cut government funding for pbs. >> for all you moms and kids out there, you should have confidence that finally somebody is cracking down on big bird. elmo has been seen in a white suburban. he's driving for the border. oscar is hiding out in his trash can. we're cracking down on them. governor romney's plan is to let wall street run wild again but he's going to bring the hammer down on sesame street. >> the obama campaign now featuring big bird in a new tv ad out this morning. this is from the obama campaign. >> i'm barack obama, i approve this message. >> bernie madoff, ken lay, dennis kozlowski, criminals, gluttons of greed and the evil genius who towered over them? one man has guts to speak his name. >> big bird. >> big bird. >> it's me, big bird. >> big, yellow, a menace to our economy. mitt romney knows it's not wall street you have to worry about, it's sesame street. >> i'm going to stop the subsidy to p
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